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Arriving in New York City in 1889, Italian immigrant Francesca Cabrini is greeted by disease, crime and impoverished children. She soon sets off on a daring mission to convince the mayor to secure housing and health care for society’s most vulnerable. With broken English and poor health, Cabrini uses her entrepreneurial mind to build an empire of hope unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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CABRINI Fast Facts

• From the director, producers and writers of Sound of Freedom, the 16th-highest grossing independent film of all time which reached #10 at the US box office and made over $240 million worldwide.

• CABRINI stars Academy Award-nominated and Tony award-winning John Lithgow, best known for The World According to Garp, Terms of Endearment, 3rd Rock from the Sun, Dexter and The Crown. 

• CABRINI also stars Emmy-nominated actor David Morse and leading Italian actress Cristiana Dell’Anna as Cabrini.

• CABRINI is the first biopic about the amazing Francesca Cabrini, known as the Patron Saint of Immigrants.

• She was born in northern Italy in 1850, and set off for New York City in 1889 with six of her Missionary Sisters.

• She developed aquaphobia after nearly drowning as a child. However, she overcame it as an adult, making 23 transatlantic trips to do missionary work around the world.

• Mother Cabrini became a naturalised citizen in Seattle, Washington on October 9, 1909.

• She died aged 67 in Chicago on December 22, 1917, of chronic endocarditis.

• She was canonised in 1946 by Pope Pius XII and became the first American citizen to be named a saint.

• Four years later Cabrini was given the title Patroness of Immigrants.

• Over the course of 34 years she established an astonishing 67 hospitals, orphanages and schools. Her energy was fuelled by an intense focus on serving Jesus in whatever he asked of her, and her legacy still stands today.


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